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  • The Brandy Sour [Recipe] and its Royal Heritage with Angostura

    The Brandy Sour cocktail is famous across the world, a beloved evening cocktail with royal origins! The Brandy Sour dates back to the early fifties where King Farouk of Egypt, a cocktail enthusiast, would travel the world chasing the next best flavor. In his travels he stopped off on the island of Cyprus and fell […] More

  • Our favourite Cocktails with Malfy Gin

    What’s a party without gin? Malfy Gin embodies the essence of ‘La Dolce Vita’. It is the perfect drink to serve at your parties to impress your guests and delight them with incredible cocktails. Here are some of our favourite cocktail recipes that are perfect when sitting back and relaxing or when hosting friends for […] More

  • Party pitchers with Angostura this Easter Weekend

    With all the public holidays coming up – and the relaxing of restrictions – who wouldn’t want to throw a get-together or two? The Queen of Domestic Arts, Martha Stewart, lists her top three entertaining tips as: “1. Pay attention to your guests. 2. Interact with them. 3. Feed them fine food and wine.” It’s […] More

  • Don’t save the Last Dance for anyone, drink it!

    With its quirky name, this fresh and easy to mix cocktail, The Last Dance, will soon become one of your favourites when entertaining, or simply looking for an easy and delicious libation to get the weekend started. A riff on an old prohibition era classic, The Last Word, where quick and easy to mix cocktails […] More

  • Invite Angostura to your Easter Table

    Whether you’re going away or enjoying an easter staycation, you’ll want a hearty lunch planned out for your friends and family – plus, it’ll be time for a cocktail. And ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters is not only the ingredient to elevate your drink game, but it also adds dimension and spice to any dish. With a […] More

  • Smooth Talker Cocktail Recipe with Flowstone Gin

    A smooth talker can definitely get themselves out of any situation no matter how dire said circumstance may be. But the king of smooth is Flowstone Gin’s Snuffbox- a Smooth Talker in its own rights. Made with the tasting notes of cocoa, burnt caramel, and hints of sweet fruits there is no reason why you […] More

  • The perfect Drink for Summer – The Dirty Lady with Cape Town Gin

    The perfect drink for summer! It’s been hot down in South Africa and the best way to beat the heat is with an ice-cold gin cocktail to enjoy the evening after a long day at work. The Dirty Lady Ingredients 50 ml Cape Town Pink Lady GinML CAPE TOWN PINK LADY GIN 5 ml RosÉ […] More

  • Enjoy a Strawberry & Basil Mojito with ANGOSTURA®

    Bring on a twist of flavour with this ANGOSTURA® iconic cocktail, synonymous with the sub-tropical and beach lifestyle of Havana, Cuba. Herbs like mint and basil have been prized for centuries by traditional healers for their medicinal properties, improving brain function and promoting digestive health. Today, both herbs are popular ingredients with both chefs and […] More

  • Enjoy Pink Cocktails for Valentine’s Day with Angostura!

    Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Angostura®! Red is the colour of love and what better way to say I love you than with an Angostura® Valentine’s Day cocktail recipe, perfect to accompany your romantic evening in with that special someone. Here are three easy to mix cocktails you can make at home for the month of love. […] More

  • Grow your own Gin Garden with Flowstone Gin

    How wonderful to sit out on a summer’s evening, lean over and pluck the garnish for your sundowner from your own edible gin garden. Glyn French of Flowstone Gin has some lovely suggestions! Beauty enhances every human experience. When it comes to cocktails, garnishes add real visual appeal. They can also complement or add another […] More

  • Cape Town Gin: A Gentlemen’s Perfect Serve

    The much loved and award-winning Cape Town Classic Gin has partnered with Men’s Foundation this Prostate Cancer Awareness Month to highlight prostate cancer, the leading cancer affecting all over the world. This is also the start of a long-term strategic partnership for both brand and organisation as Cape Town Gin continues to fulfil its socio-economic […] More

  • Win a Gin Hamper by ANGOSTURA® & Bombay Sapphire

    SPRING’S PERFECT PAIR WIN: What’s more delicious than an Angostura aromatic bitters, cranberry, and gin? With the sweet smell of Spring in the air, everyone is looking for the perfect cocktail to share with friends and family that’s easy to mix when entertaining at home. Pick up your bottle of Angostura aromatic bitters and Bombay […] More