Pizza Kits for your Convenience from Mangia Mangia Jozi

Mangia Mangia believes that pizza and pasta should be home-made for authentic flavour. 

If you are what you eat, we want to make sure that we’re organic, supple and soft, filled with spice and deliciously drenched in sauce. Well, we can dream, I suppose. We should probably leave that to the experts.

Make your own with a pizza kit from Mangia Mangia.

Each pizza kit consists of Neapolitan-style pizza dough, fior di latte, tomato base and basil for the authentic margherita for R160. Add prosciutto or salami for just R55 and some extra provolone or gorgonzola for another R55.

So whether you like to let someone make it for you or you prefer to get elbow deep in flour, a pizza from Mangia Mangia Jozi will always hit that comfort food spot, while being pure in quality and big in taste.

Order now – 072 410 1361

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Home-Made Pasta Kits from Mangia Mangia Jozi

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