Fine Dining at Home with Giglio Boutique Hotel

Chef Baxa is back in the kitchen.

The ever elegant Giglio Boutique Hotel will bring a sense of indulgent tranquillity to your city stay with luxury suites and five star dining facilities to make sure you’re well fed with breakfast buffets, lunches and romantic dinners – now we’re having to make our own five star luxury at home. We need help.

Experiene Giglio Boutique Hotel fine dining at home by ordering from their delivery menu! 

Chef Baxa is back in the kitchen and ready to deliver his signature French flair to your home. Haven’t you missed the Giglio’s fine dining? We sure have!

Their sophisticated menu of homemade potato gnocchi with forest mushroom sauce, Norwegian salmon with dill and sour cream, beef fillet with béarnaise, fresh mussels, vanilla crème bruleé and frozen nougat with almond brittle and candied cherries is never far from our thoughts.

To order:

Visit or call them on 082 789 5328 to order for delivery within a 5km radius. The restaurant is also on UberEats.

For any special requests, email

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