6 Exciting Cocktail Creations with Hendrick’s Gin

Hendrick’s Gin is the rebel child of the gin family.

Their aim is to go against the grain, challenge the norm and expand our thinking as to what gin can be. If you are a gin lover and haven’t yet tried Hendrick’s Gin, you have not yet lived. Started in 1999, master distiller Leslie Gracie holds the horns of creativity by distilling just 500 litres at a time. It is truly an art and definitely for the oddly unusual.

The Original Henrick’s Gin

  • Infused with rose and cucumber, this kickstarter also has the added flavour or 11 botanicals. It’s unbelievably smooth and alluring and distinct. It’s the classic G&T.

Midsummer Solstice

  • Long for the heat of summer while finding yourself in beautiful limbo as you leave the coldness behind. It’s that pause, that exciting hesitation before the fall. Vivid and deeply flirtatious, take a chance on the Midsummer Solstice.

Hendrick’s Orbium

  • Travel to a parallel universe with the reimagining of Hendrick’s Gin, the Hendrick’s Orbium. They go with blue lotus blossom, wormwood and quinine to make this gin oddly exquisite. It’s definitely not for everyone. Are you bold enough?

There’s no doubt that lockdown has caused some mild tensions in your desire to enjoy your favourite G&T – whether you like it neat, as Hendrick’s is so beautifully enjoyed with all its fragrances, or with a tonic or soda and some fresh garnishes. This time has surely produced a few budding mixologists while we wait in anticipation for the days when we can once again meet with our other oddballs and enjoy a goblet of Hendrick’s Gin.

If you are one such skilled individual who has tried their gloved hand at concocting a potion or two, here are some more cocktail recipes to excite the experimentalist in you.

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Our Top 6 Hendrick’s Gin Cocktails

Salty Dog with Hendrick’s Gin


Hendrick’s Gin Mule

MidSummer Solstice Bramble

French 75

Hot Spiced Apple 

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