It’s Wagyu Week at 96 Winery Road

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All things meaty and delicious.

96 Winery Road Restaurant uses premium Wagyu beef for those carnivorous dishes you love: pepper fillet – fancily flambéed at the table! – chalmar sirloin, prime rib and the favourite beef burger.

They’re so proud of this quality cut that they’re honouring it with an entire menu for Wagyu Week from 23-29 September.

Choose from dishes such as wagyu carpaccio, tartare, smoked brisket and the usual ribs, burgers and steaks. Experience all of these with a Wagyu tasting menu if you can’t decide.

There are few things better than juicy, tender meat. Reserve your seat now.

Directions to 96 Winery Road
Zandberg farm
Winery road
Somerset West
021 842 2020

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