Introducing the Superyacht Training Academy

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The Superyacht Training Academy, in collaboration with the V&A Waterfront, the Superyacht Culinary Academy and Ocean Star Sailing Academy, equips hopefuls with the essential skills to work onboard these luxury vessels. Through rigorous training, they are empowered with the tools to meet the high standards required to work onboard a superyacht.

The Academy is located in the Nautilus building on West Quay Road, overlooking the Waterfront’s Synchrolift dry dock on the one side, and close to the V&A Marina yacht basin on the other, with an interior resembling actual on-board facilities in scale and dimension. This gives students a real-life experience of working on a superyacht.

Why is Cape Town a suitable destination for an academy such as this?

Coastal cities around the world compete to attract Superyachts because while the boats are in port they support tourism and local businesses with operational and leisure spending as well as providing a sought after spectacle in the harbour. Cape Town is also home to almost 70% of the local boat-building industry, sustaining technical skills required to service all types of ocean-going craft and driving the standards of excellence necessary to thrive in this sector.

Explaining the need for a Superyacht Training Academy, Green adds: “This is another step in building equipping facilities at the Waterfront to accommodate this industry. We would see many more superyachts visiting the city if the owners and captains know that well-trained local and international staff are available to them.”

The Academy is also working with International Yacht Training (IYT) Worldwide, the Royal Yachting Association (RYA), and South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) to ensure the local training is on par with global standards, and approved by the Marine and Coastal Agency (MCA).

The Superyacht Training Academy offers the following courses:

Chef training

This exclusive training programme is perfect for those wanting to further their culinary careers on board superyachts or charter catamarans and features practical and theoretical elements. Completing this course will equip students with the five-star gourmet experience needed to meet employer expectations.

Deckhand training

Qualified deckhands are needed to manage sea, sun and storms – the superyacht deckhand course includes basic seamanship training – on water and in the classroom – and the mandatory pre-requisite competency licences and courses. The course gives students a realistic idea of day-to-day operations onboard a superyacht and is suitable for those who have minimal knowledge of superyacht care and maintenance.

Stewardess training

This 20 day course includes food safety and hygiene training. Students will learn about food and wine pairing, silver service, detailing, housekeeping and flower arranging.

Wait, there’s more.

Not looking to be a master chef onboard a luxury vessel?

On the other end of this exciting spectrum is the Stir Crazy Culinary Theatre, which offers interactive cooking classes offered by the academy for the average Joe.

You don’t need to be an aspiring superyacht chef to benefit from the academy’s expertise. The new facility offers cooking classes taught by professional chefs and are perfect for anyone who loves good food and wine and wishes to improve their culinary skills. Learn how to make cuisines from across the world, through new cooking techniques to wow your guests at your next dinner party. Their classes are also great as team building activities or a year-end function.

For more information on superyacht training, visit  and or to learn more about interactive cooking classes visit

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