Enjoy a High Tea at the Grande Roche

It’s time for tea at the Grande Roche!

Surrounded by the beautiful Paarl mountains, this beautiful high tea offering is classic & elegant. All guests will be treated to a specially created High Tea menu, featuring sweet favourites and traditional savoury treats.

The price ranges from R210 per person and R260 per person for group bookings over 25 people. Please note that it’s essential to reserve your tea time at Grande Roche a few days prior to arriving.


Selection of Teas: English breakfast | Ceylon | Rooibos | Green Tea | Chamomile

Filter Coffee

Assortment of Savoury and Sweet Treats which includes:

Cucumber Sandwiches | Ham & Cheese Sandwiches |

Parma Ham, Olives, Sun Dried Tomatoes, & Parmesan Cheese

Chocolate Dipped Fruit | Home Made Mini Scones | Apple Crumble |

Chocolate Brownie with Whipped Cream | Fruit Tartlets | Profiteroles

Give Grande Roche a call today to book your high tea experience in the Cape Winelands! 

High Tea Advert

Directions to Bosman’s Restaurant
Grande Roche Hotel
Plantasie Street
Call 021 863 5100

Written by Marvin

Founder of FoodBlogSA Media. B.Bus.Sc. - Marketing; M.Bus.Sc- Tourism. A career in destination marketing was calling but then my passion for food took over. Welcome to our restaurant marketing platform.

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    • I’d take my best girl friends and the prettiest girls in the world, Lee, Cara, Antel, Elzabe and last but not least Natalie. It will be the perfect get together as we all live across the Cape area.

  1. I’d would take my bible study ladies bern, alison, brigitte, lilane and bonny. they are awesome and it could be a belated birthday celebration.

  2. Its my birthday month and I celebrate it with my friends who also happento have a september birthday. We call ourselves the “heksies” They’re my go to all female group for all things!

  3. The coolest ladies i know, my Mum, and my sisters (3) … it’s been a tough year since we lost my dad december last year … time together has helped the healing process …

  4. Five beautiful souls are Colleen, liane, Judith, Linda, Kirra who so deserve a magical tea party in the magestic area I am fortune to call home!

  5. Hi!I’d take my 5 weirdos Leonie mollentze , Barbara Loots; Leon Jamarie,Charmaine van der Merwe and inge dykman

  6. I’ve been blessed with making some wonderful new friends in the past year. I will definitely take them all along.

  7. I’d take my friend Katie because we looove dressing up girly and doing high tea (or any tea…we are BIG tea fans) 😀

    • Am sure you girls would absolutely love this!! 🙂
      could be an awesome way to celebrate your 23rd b/day too..

  8. And I’d also take my mom, and our friend Bev and her daughter Jess whose birthday is 4 days after mine 🙂 we love spending time together and having cake and chatting and laughing like crazy people 😀

    • aaaahhhh, I’d looooove to join in – we could really have a fun b/day celebration for you and jess 🙂
      Holding thumbs!!

  9. The breakfast club Girls, perfect reason to move breakfast to high tea. Nothing bonds like spending quality time with good friends in a beautiful location eating cake 🙂

  10. I would love to share this experience with my favorite people in the world. My mom, my mother in law, my two sisters & my best friend. Happiness!

  11. I would take my beautiful wife Julie. She deserves to be treated and would love this. and I would also take kaylinn, Ariel, Carmend and Denzil

  12. My wonderful partner and i have been together for a while, and have yet to have our parents meet… this would be the ideal opportunity. no stress on our part for preparing a meal, sweet treats to ease the awkward and maybe a sneaky bubbly or two to celebrate our union. So in conclusion, my beautiful man Scott, his parents Tracey and Robert, and my dad Allan and step mom Maureen.

  13. I would take my husband who is recovering from a car accident, my daughter who is having a BIG birthday in November, my son & his soon to be wife and a friend ! @CTGran

  14. I would love to win this prize! There is no doubt in my mind that I would take my dear girl friends, my favourite people in this world! What better way to thank them for all the support and love they have showed me over the years. We see each other so little and it would be the perfect place and setting to catch up on all the new news and gossip!

  15. I would love to win this prize! There is no doubt in my mind that I would take my dear girl friends, my favourite people in this world! What better way to thank them for all the support and love they have showed me over the years. We see each other so little and it would be the perfect place and setting to catch up on all the new news and gossip!

  16. I would take with my bestie Jacki, and 4 other girls from the same group of friends (Lauren, Lauren, Robyn, Romy). We all went to university together in Stellenbosch and used to LOVE going for high tea’s together as a group! Would love to rekindle the good old times and make some new memories!

  17. I would take my mommy because she’s awesome, my sister-in-law and niece because they deserve to be spoiled, and my bestie and her mom because they’d make me laugh until the tea comes out my nose 🙂

  18. I would love to bless my hubby Anthony, daughter Kerry, my dad John and a few friends who have had a tough year and just I know could do with a bit of spoiling.

  19. I will definitely take the two important people in my life bring my mom (Naomi) and Sister (Tiana) the two ladies who are constantly at my side, My best friend (Samacia) always willing to give sound advice, My grandmother (Kathleen) i am so privileged to have a grandmother who is fit as a fiddle at the age of 90 and lastly my Daughter (Jordan) who means the world to me.

  20. I’d love to invite some special friends: would be amazing to experience a day there.. Can I share this with Kahley Stohen, Beverley Ritchie, Sharon Jardine, Michele Stohen, June Mischker October and Michelle Hill *I realise there is one too many but am willing to pay for extra’s – it’s a treat getting everyone together at one time 🙂
    Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  21. I would invite Toni Stohen (for tagging me in this competition), Vanessa Pead my best friend of 38 years, my Mom Isabel who turned 82 this year, Carole Bramley a dear friend who deserves some nourishment for the soul right now and last but not least I would love to invite my fury best friend of 11 years my Scottie dog Charlie but I know that’s not possible so I would invite Viv Kenyon a very special friend and the mother of my future son-in-law (hopefully) 😉

    • aaahhhh, thanks Pam!!
      I’d love to join you girls – high tea club!! 🙂
      Good luck – would be awesome spending time with everyone and meeting your mom and of course your charlie xx

  22. If I won this wonderful prize i would take a few of my very closest friends – Lee, kerri , raihaanah, chrisleen and aidan.

  23. I’ll take my harem (*Pet name not actually a harem*)

    Louise, emma, kate, janine & Eulogi (Extra points for the name eulogi surely?)

  24. It would be a great day out with my girls and my better half- Dieter, Anmarie, Philippa, Caroline and Catherine!!!

  25. 5 Friends is a generous number.
    For such a beautiful setting; I would invite the following contacts of mine:

    Mr Benny-Ree Bezuidenhout(Telesure)
    Mrs Bronwyn McCafferty(Cullinary Artist)
    Mrs Luzelle van Wyk(Waterfall Farms)
    Mr Tim Thabethe(KFM)
    Mr Francois Venter(Waterfall Farms)

    With any of the above being absent;
    Mr Thaamir Moerat(public figure)
    Mr George Morales(producer – Sell Hard Western Cape)

    Thanking you,

  26. I would love to spoil my awesome Medical school friends because we study so hard all the time learning how to save lives but never how to have fun and enjoy our life!! 🙂
    Here are my crazy wonderful friends:
    1) Ayesha Bhamjee
    2) Courtney Olivier
    3) Lara Kingwill
    4) Mia Marais
    5) Roshaan Solomon

  27. It has been a tough few months so i feel this would be an awesome chance for me and my friends to have a day to relax 🙂 I would take;
    Veroneque vand der Wath
    Karina Visagie
    Davida Smith
    Orsila van der Merwe
    Jeanne Tallie

  28. It’s my birthday month so will want to do high tea with my close peeps and people that have influenced my life over the years
    Mom and Mom in law
    My godmother and my aunt
    Theresa and lauren my best friends for the past 20 years
    my good neighbours , always bailing me out with an onion or two , natalie and liz

    I would love to create a memory with them at the grand roche

  29. How crazy is it that 3 of my best friends celebrated their 21st birthday in this month??? Other than that,I just love celebrating life, with people close to my heart!A breakaway,even if its for a few hours will def be refreshing and much needed!The fact that its in the beautiful Boland makes it even better.I thank the Lord everyday that I get to see the beautiful mountains the moment I step out of my house.I would so love to go with Viola,Lynique,Tamzin,Charlene and Ihlaam!

  30. I’ve got a group of friends. We all went to the same school but we’re never close friends. When we all attended the same University we got closer. Now that we’re working they’re the people that I keep in touch with. Not constantly, but I know that these are the people that will always be game for anything when I call them up – unlike some friends that come and go and lose touch no matter how close you were in the past. So I would take these friends… And maybe I’d sneak my boyfriend into the mix too 🙂

  31. Tweeted as invisable_cut I would takemy parent, husband ,grandmother and sister as a late family birthday celebration. Its my grand 80th on The 23rd and fathers birthday the 30th September

  32. oooopps.. have to add extra’s to my list! hahaha
    I’d struggle knowing who to choose but if I know my friends, if some of us win, the others will follow and just join in..
    Would love to add some “girls” who i know just love High Tea – Fiona Thornton, Vanessa Du Preez, Vanessa Pead and Pam Robinson (and her Charlie) 🙂

  33. I’d like to take my girlfriend and her twin sister to celebrate their 30th birthday this month, along with their parents and husband =)

  34. I would invite the people that means the world to me.

    My amazing husband – my best friend and greatest love
    my very very special son
    my awesome mom and dad – they have done such alot for me in life. it’s there 50th wedding anniversary and it would be wonderful to spoil them with such a stylish event. they deserve it!

  35. I would bring my mum (she really needs a treat, the 1 year anniversary of my gran passing is now end of september and she’s not handling it so well), my sister (she’s a new mom and just needs a break) then my 3 best friends 🙂

    This will be an amazing treat for very deserving people!

  36. i would take my friend lee-ann ongenda, her mom Mrs Coert, my mom Zoe vumazonke and sister, Bucie Vumazonke

  37. My mom and two sisters will be visiting from Joburg in early October. I think it would make their hearts sing. It would also be a lovely treat for a dear friend who hasn’t seen them in over a year. parma ham always makes for a wondrous bonding and catch-up experience.x

  38. This would be the absolute perfect gift/ event to show my family and friends how much they mean to me. Will be taking my mom, my 3 sisters and my best friend.
    would love to win this prize. pretty please 🙂

  39. The fabulous gals who have supported me through a very difficult few weeks: my sister ann, bestie Chantelle, awesomest gal Mandisa, equally awesome gal Yolanda and legend and pal Liezel!

  40. I would definitely take my 86 year old mom with me, my daughter Alyssa, my sister and 2 of my besties, michelene and judy.

  41. this is the perfect way to have a girls day out and spend sometime with our amazing friend Kara before she heads off to the USA, a fitting farewell! – inviting: Kara, Jen, Dominique, Kelly, Christine

  42. I would take my mom and her sisters to celebrate her being 1 year cancer free anniversary oh and my pregnancy:-)

  43. I would love to invite the wonderful and hardworking; Courtney Wallace; Shae Brandon; Catherine Simmons; Kersti de Beer and Kelli botes. They all deserve an afternoon of loving and pampering with tea.

  44. 2014 has definitely turned out to be one of the saddest for my family. I would treat my 4 cousins (Natalie, Vivienne, Avril and Anthea) who are like sisters to me (who lost their Mom in April and Dad exactly 3 months later). Their mom was my 2nd mom and my mom’s best friend. I would pay extra for my mom to join us. I would like to have just one afternoon of decadence, beauty and lovely treats just to show them (as we always do) that they are special and still valued.

  45. I would love to invite the following special people:
    1) Myrna Frantz
    2) Illse Williams
    3) Mary Frantz
    4) Jo-Anne Frantz
    5) Ansie Ratties

  46. I would love to win this and treat a few of my friends who have been going through some really hard financial times. They really deserve a bit of a break and to enjoy themselves.

  47. I would love to take 5 very very special people with me. they are Raymond, Anthony, matthew, my beautiful daughter Rouvan & Jaune. It would also be a great birthay treat for me

  48. id love to take my mom (she does way too much for me), my little sister – whom i dont get to spend all that much time with anymore (university is real), my amazingly supportive boyfriend, and two best friends (who are my flatmates, kelly & nicole)

  49. I’d definitely invite my five best friends – we call ourselves the Inner Circle- to join me for this. It will be a lovely reunion for us as two members of the group have been living overseas for the past two years and are now coming back . And most of all, we celebrated the wedding of one of the members at Grande Roche 3 years ago! The picture we took on the lawn, all dressed up, laughing and drinking bubbly is still on my wall and I look at it every day.

  50. This beautiful place would be the perfect setting for my bi-weekly girls afternoon with best friends Juanita, Deidre, Charlene, my bride-to-be sister and mom!

  51. Hiya…….I would take my (82 year old) granny, my best friend (been friends for 27 yrs), my sister, my sister in law and a colleague who has become a dear friend:-)

  52. My five best friends who appreciate being spoilt and who would enjoy the wonderful high tea spread and amazing experience of the Grande Roche .

  53. Shafeeqah (my dear wife), Latoya (my cousin and Shafeeqah’s closest pal), Jill & Shaun (mutual friends, who are ‘soon to be married’!!)

  54. hi I would love to have a high tea with some mom friends …to take time to relax ….and be thankful for everything we have been given ….I would take Blanche, Melissa, Nadia, Janine and Jacky

  55. I would love to take the ladies in the family. My mom, sister, aunt, mother and sister in-law…the men can look after the kids 🙂

  56. I would make it a girlfriends treat day, I wish I could invite my mom, but she passed away two years ago, i will invite my (1) brave sister, she had such a hard year and came out ok, i will take(2) my daughter, Helga she has been chosen for prefect in grade 12 next year, I will take my Best friend in world (3)Esme, she is more a sister than a friend.. I will also take another good friend (4) elmarie and my cousin (5) susan. these are the friendships i cherish and hold dear. We all could do with a girlfriends get away and to top it all it was my 50th birthday on the 13th setptember and we could not celebrate this year.

  57. i will bring along my grandmother annalene, mother hanlie, sister mari and sister in law sunette, as well as my friend helene

  58. I would take my friends Diane and Noel, who have had a really crap time lately, and my other friends mike and Sara who have just become grandparents for the first time.

  59. I’d take my mom, my sister, my 80 year old granny, my aunt lynette and my niece. We will make it a family outing, 3 generations having tea together, awesomeness!

  60. Too many lovely ladies i would LOVE to take! but if i had to pick 5, it would be my mom myra van zyl, and my girlfriends… Blanche Powell, Clare Garton, Belinda Da Fonseca and Tania Wilds.

  61. I would definitely spoil my mom, my mother in law, my sister and my boyfriend and my gran! 🙂 would be amazing!

  62. i would invite my sister, alicia, my best friends,david, kirsten, lisa and mark
    this place would be awesome for us to just chill

  63. I would take Miselwa, Vuyiwe, Nwabisa, Thandokazi, Nompucuko. That’s my mom and a good friend of hers, my sister and our two cousins that would be visiting from JHB. We would likely visit on 13 December 2014.

  64. my 55th birthday party guests will be dear friends : barbara sher
    mariette loubser
    lizaan fraser

    elmare smit and patricia hagan – family i chose for myself

  65. I’d take my husband to be adiel, my mom and dad and soon to be mom in law. nothing better than 2 families getting together and bonding over good food.

  66. ONly some of the most valuable people in the world, who know my love for treats and cakes and bakes….and a way to thank my lovely family! Ross, Leal, Trev, Gareth, Jo


  68. I’m getting married next year May, and just had a little boy. I’d take my 4 bridesmaids and my mom for some fancy bonding and planning time away 🙂

  69. I would love to win this competition and go for high tea!! Who wouldn’t. ..
    I would take my my mom, mom-in-law and my two sister-in-laws. For some Kaffeeklatsch xx

  70. I would Take .My Boyfriend ( He stays in Paarl ) !!

    and then the other four spots i would. . . Put all our friends names in a hat and draw out a lucky 4 !

    Whoop Whoop

    Fingers Crossed

  71. I will take my “adoptive” family, namely my “adoptive” Mom, sister and her 3 yo daughter because they have been there for fun and sad times since my Mom moved to the UK a year ago…. I would include 2 of my most loyal friends who have been there for me through thick and thin over the years….this would be a wonderful opportunity to get the people i love and care about to meet and spend time together…. 🙂

  72. I would take 5 very special friends who would enjoy this wonderful experience, namely Fabienne, christiane, chimene, lucy and Jill.

  73. I will be taking my fabouse 5 college friends. We have just left college for our internship and missing everyone like crazy.

  74. I would take my girlfriends we were friends since primary school and still keep in touch just not as often as we would like with kids, works and husbands that we have to see too.

  75. I would take two of my best friends from law school and my engineering mates. At the end of the year we are all graduating and going off to different countries and this would be the perfect way to celebrate and reflect!

  76. I would take my mom as its her birthday 2 December and my 3 sisters along. We have always wanted to do a high tea together 🙂

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