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A vibrant coffee hub in Khayelitsha, Siki’s Koffee Kafe was founded by Sikelela (Siki) Dibela, a passionate entrepreneur with a dream is to create a coffee culture and integrate communities in and around Khayelitsha.

Siki worked in the local hospitality sector for several years and has used his extensive experience as a coffee barista for Vida to make his own special brand of coffee. ‘Siki’s unique blend’ is a mix of African beans from Kenya, Ethiopia and BurundiSiki’s Koffee Kafe.

Siki started his entrepreneurial journey, when he used the garage in his mother’s house to open his own business, Siki’s Koffee Kafe. After a tough start, word spread about the amazing coffee and service and Siki’s has now become the new hotspot, attracting locals and tourists alike.

After two years, it’s time to expand his business and in turn empower and contribute to skills development in the local community. The next step on this journey is to take his coffee to where the people are (markets, events, etc.). In order to accomplish this he needs a portable coffee machine and a vehicle.

An exciting initiative that could make a difference in the lives of many, you can help support Siki through Thundafund!

Follow this LINK and watch the video below for more info:

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