Help Marrow deliver Food to the Families & Children in need

A message by Marelize Lubowski from Marrow:

With the national lockdown, there are impacts that some of you might not be aware of, but one of them is that people are desperate, and mostly hungry.

Communities and homes are not able to feed their families. It’s real, and it’s scary. I know all of us have been hit in some way or another. Due to the work we do, I am most concerned about our young children.

At the same time and are doing everything in our power to mitigate the crisis and keep our staff paid & employed, during and after this saga ends.

This is a cry for help:

We are reaching out to our followers, our customers and our friends to support with his initiative. We are able to provide food for organisations, on a daily basis. Yummy warm stews filled with organic veggies and bone broth.

Please buy a meal, for a day, for a week or for a month. (as we will continue after the lockdown). We are teaming up with a team of organisations doing the same. Making food, delivering food to the families and children in need, and helping the most in need during this crisis. The need is infinite, so any contribution will help.

This initiative started with a simple, “do something” conversation. This is our “something”, and it will bring us to the next something. Being part of our initiative can give you the leap into doing something (because the more of us that do something, the more we can mitigate the impact).

  • The other thing we can offer you is a tax exemption certificate so that you can claim back with your next tax submission. A win win for everyone.
Thank you for giving this your time, thought and consideration, we really appreciate it. 

Wishing you all strength, patience and health during these unprecedented times. And thank you, for those who have supported us already, we are beyond grateful.

P.S.: Anyone who would like a tax exemption certificate, please email

How to become part of this Initiative from as little as R20 a month?

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