Go Swiss with Delicious Fondue at the President Hotel

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It gives new meaning to being Switzerland.

The President Hotel amply provides for every hungry mood, whether it be early in the morning with a scrumptious breakfast at the Islands restaurant or tapas and cocktails at the Deck Bar and Terrace. Celebrate sealing that all important business deal in their conference room with a pizza at The Base.

The rich Swiss treat of fondue is coming to the President Hotel. Tuck into a hearty pot of Swiss cheese for two and dip delicious menu items like skewers of garlic and herb toasted bread, steamed tender-stem broccoli, lightly poached granny smith apple, hickory smoked chicken and a selection of fruit and vegetables. Dukkha spice, celery salt, basil panko crumbs and black bean mayonnaise are also available as a topping to enhance each bite, as well as the option of adding extra meat such as locally sourced pork belly, sirloin steaks and swordfish. The cost of one pot is R365 and is available daily until 15 September.

Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Book now!

Directions to the President Hotel

4 Alexander road

Bantry Bay

021 434 8111

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