Go Moroccan at Ginger & Lime Food Studio

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It’s about to get spicy.

Ginger and Lime Food Studio understands that some of us just aren’t gifted in the culinary arts and they offer interactive cooking classes, courses and team-building cooking experiences inspired by South African, Thai and Italian cuisine. Beautiful magic happens between people when they get together to make a meal.

Explore a fusion of flavours in an incredible Moroccan themed  course on 28 August from 18:30-21:30. The evening will combine carefully prepared meat dishes with a variety of fresh and seasonal veg. The cooking styles from the Mediterranean and Morocco fuse together beautifully despite contrasts and when paired with Pierre Jourdan Methode Cap Classique wines, it’s out of this world.

The menu is still to be confirmed but you can view a sample here: http://bit.ly/2YmWJxp

Online bookings available ~ http://bit.ly/2jl91Bk

Tickets are R695 per person and space is limited, so book now!

Directions to Ginger and Lime
2B Disandt Avenue
Cape Town
083 251 6282

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