Get Greek Fisherman at Home with their Takeaway Menu

Enjoy your favourite Greek meals at home! 

The Greek Fisherman brings a taste of the islands with traditional cooking with a local twist. But just one close of the eyes and that lamb, chicken, seafood and baklava takes you right to the ocean-side.

Keep it Greek with Greek Fisherman’s takeaway menu

Salmon, moussaka, lamb chops, roast lamb and their traditional orange and yoghurt bake – at home! Order from Greek Fisherman’s takeaway menu.

They also deliver for free to the Waterfront, Atlantic Seaboard and City bowl areas.

Trading Hour’s

Contact them via Whatsapp: Georgina 0825653669 or Corina 0767780057.


Directions to The Greek Fisherman
261 Breakwater Blvd
V&A Waterfront
021 418 5411


Takeaway Menu now available at City Grill

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