FoodBlogCT News Week 48 2012

Thursday, the 29th November

Pepsi Energy Cola Invites Drinkers To The Dark Side

The drink is sadly only available in Japan; it was created with Japanese mega-company Suntory and went on sale last summer. The Vader-ified version was introduced the fall, and now it’s now sold across the country. [read more]

Darth Vader Pepsi

Japan Airlines Serves KFC On Flights

Japan Airlines has announced plans to serve KFC (yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken) on its flights from Tokyo’s Narita Airport to eight destinations just in time for the holidays. [read more]

Rare Titanic Menus Auctioned For World Record Breaking Price Of $160,450

If you ever wondered what it was like to dine aboard the Titanic, here’s a glimpse. Two rare menus from the doomed vessel were sold at auction this weekend for an astounding $160,450 total. [read more]

Titanic Auction

This can’t be right: French Wine Consumption Per Day Down To One Glass

French wine consumption has fallen to a new low with the average adult now consuming the equivalent of barely a glass a day, the latest edition of a major consumption survey has found. [read more]

Wednesday, the 28th November

Angry Birds Soda Outsells Coke & Pepsi in Finland

Here’s a fun stat to emerge from the Slush conference, currently taking place in Helsinki, Finland. Angry Birds soda is the top-selling drink in that country. [read more]

Angry Birds Soda

Pear cider boom angers purists

Something is brewing among the nation’s cider enthusiasts, and it’s not to everyone’s taste. A row has broken out about whether bottles bearing a “pear cider” label should be allowed to do so. [read more]

Train Named World’s Longest Chocolate Structure

A new Guinness World Record was recently set in Belgium by Maltese master chocolatier Andrew Farrugia, who unveiled the world’s longest chocolate structure at Brussels Chocolate Week. [read more]

Chicken ‘N Waffles Syrup Started As A Joke, But Is Now Real

On April Fools’ Day 2012, Torani — the maker of all sorts of sugary syrups with flavors such as raspberry and bananas foster — announced that it was coming out with a new flavor: Chicken ‘n Waffles. News outlets immediately began reporting on it and we can’t really blame them — the news actually hit the presses a few days before April Fools’. [read more]

Tuesday, the 27th November

Cape Town Summer Market – At the Company’s Garden

This December, an 11-day family market will take place in the Company’s Garden in the city centre, in celebration of South Africa’s 360-year heritage and people. The Cape Town Summer Market will run from 14–24 December 2012, from 12 in the afternoon to 9 in the evening. Visitors can combine Christmas present shopping with live entertainment, fun for children and families, and an awesome picnic at the first-ever Company’s Garden Party or in the shady botanical gardens. [read more]

The most expensive Kitchen cost a cool $1.6m. 

When you sit down and imagine you’re perfect kitchen we’re guessing that no matter how lavish you go you won’t come anywhere near the the price tag of this $1.6 million kitchen. [read more]

Most Expensive Kitchen

Mugg & Bean joins the ranks of other premium coffees at Checkers

Following the recent launch of Checkers’ range of premium coffees, the much-loved local brand, Mugg & Bean, renowned for its 100% Arabica bottomless cups of coffee will now be available in your local Checkers supermarket.

OMG! Cadbury invents Chocolate that won’t melt!

The days of candy bars melting under a hot sun may soon be behind us. Cadbury recently announced it has developed a variety of melt-resistant chocolate that remains solid even after more than three hours at 40C. [read more]

Non-Melting Chocolate

Monday, the 26th November

The Winners of the 2012 Eat Out Awards

Yesterday evening, at a lavish award ceremony in the grand ballroom at the Westin Cape Town, EatOut announced the 10 best restaurants in South Africa, along with a host of other winners. [read more]

Rude Receipt Tells Waitress To “Stop Eating, B*tch!”

An Applebee’s receipt posted to Reddit on Monday appears to show a rather rude barb directed toward the waitress — in place of any tip whatsoever. [read more]

McDonald’s Testing Three New Quarter Pounders

We have good news for aficionados of McDonald’s Quarter Pounder burger. The chain is testing three new varieties of the iconic sandwich: Habanero Ranch, Deluxe and Bacon and Cheese. [read more]

New McDonalds Quarter Pounder

The 10 Most Germ-Infested Areas In A Restaurant

Leamy recently went undercover at 10 restaurants in three states, armed with a cotton swab, which she used to sample various surfaces in the restaraurants. ABC then had Dr. Philip Tierno of NYU’s microbiology lab test the swabs for bacterial life, in order to compare the germ counts in various parts of the restaurant. The results of the tests were surprising. [read more]

This excists! Leninade, Soviet-Style Soda

There’s a Soviet-themed soda called Leninade, and it’s very real. To drive the point home, it’s produced by a company called Real Sodas (really) and seems to have been floating around since 2002. [read more]

Leninade Soda

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