FoodBlogCT News Week 40 2012

Thursday, the 4th of October

Planning to visit Italy any time soon? Rome Tourists Face Fines For Snacking

Visitors to Rome may want to carefully consider where they opt to break for a snack. A new law adopted by the city council forbids eating around around many of the monuments in Rome’s historic city center, reports The Telegraph. [read more]

McDonald’s Coffee Beans Could Soon Be Sold To-Go

Do you like the taste of McDonald’s coffee, but dislike how convenient it is to buy coffee already-brewed? You may be in luck. BurgerBusiness reports that the fast food chain could soon start selling its coffee beans in packages for home brewing. [read more]

G-Spirits Alcohol Poured Over Breasts Of Naked Models Before Bottling

A German liquor company is turning heads this week due to its limited-edition line of spirits, which the brand promises were all poured over a model’s naked breasts before being bottled, the New York Daily News reports. [read more]

Food poisoning at Gauteng school

More than 100 Meyerton school hildren were treated for food poisoning after falling sick on Tuesday, paramedics said. [read more]

Wednesday, the 3rd of October

Customers Banned because of eating too much All-You-Can-Eat

Two patrons have reportedly been banned for life from an all-you-can-eat buffet in England — for eating too much. [read more]

McDonald’s Canada Proves Its Burgers Are 100% Beef

McDonald’s Canada continues its bizarre transparency quest with a video that shows us how the chain’s burgers get made. This video appears to be a direct result of being asked over and over again whether the burgers are washed in ammonia, or the result of a whole cow being chucked into a meat grinder, bones and all. We didn’t make these questions up, we promise. [read more]

Prisoner sues Prison that doesn’t provide kosher food

Moussazadeh’s case is based on a federal prison reform law enacted in 2000 which says that a prison must have a compelling reason to impinge upon the exercise of religious freedom. [read more]

Super-fast food! Jamie Oliver’s Challenge

He emphasises that it’s essential to follow his instructions of what to get out before you start cooking – that doesn’t just mean ingredients, but the right equipment too. Helpfully, Jamie lists the essential kit at the start of his recipes. [read more]

Tuesday, the 02 October

Any spare cash lieing around? NASA Engineers Create $11,000 Coffee Machine

While I will not be one of the initial buyers, I can see the appeal for a certain subset of coffee connoisseurs: The design is indeed beautiful, and the ability to customize the recipes ensures inventive brewers and baristas will be able to tinker their way to a signature cup of coffee, which they can then share with their customers and fans. [read more]

This pizza serves 70 peopel [New World Record]

It costs $200 and feeds 50-70 people. With 15 eaters, we got through about half the pizza before everyone passed out. This pizza is so large it doesn’t fit through doorways. We took it out back and set up a card table to support its mass. [read more]

Lesotho facing devastating food crisis

Lesotho is in desperate need of food aid, following the widespread failure of crops across the small, landlocked southern African nation, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said on Friday. [read more]

Dead deer inside Chinese restaurant

Some former customers of Red Flower Chinese Restaurant are angry about what they say happened while they were enjoying a Chinese buffet. [read more]

Monday, the 01 October

SA at risk of food crisis

As food prices soar because of the ailing global and domestic economies, South Africans should also start worrying about the availability of something to eat. [read more]

Wine Robot Performs Complex Vineyards Tasks For $32,000

In an AFP-produced video, winemaker Claire Gazeau-Montrasi expressed an interest in the machine, which could help understaffed vineyards. “I think it could be a bonus to have a little robot who does the boring jobs for us,” she said. “The ones that require the least brain power.” [read more]

Kids Guzzle 7 Trillion Calories From Sugary Drinks Each Year

Kids from the ages of two to 19, consume about seven trillion calories in sugar-sweetened beverages per year, according to Steve Gortmaker of the Harvard School of Public Health. He spoke at the Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting in San Antonio on September 23rd. Seven trillion is a lot of calories in sugar-sweetened beverages. At, for example, 50 cents per can, it’s about $24 billion a year. [read more]

New Booze Made From Cocaine’s Raw Ingredient

Only about 100 cases will go on the market in the U.K., costing about $450 (£250) each. Of course, in keeping with the whole end-of-the-world theme, there’ll be a global apocalypse-themed party circuit including cities like Las Vegas, London, Amsterdam, Seoul, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Auckland and Sydney. [read more]

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