FoodBlogCT News Week 36 2012

Thursday, the 6th of September

Special-of-the-DayLamb Shank or Seafood Pasta for 2 @ R135 [read more]

McDonalds Ad gets Lost in Translation

As of now, the sign reads, “Yuavtxhawbpabraukojsawv yuavntxivzograukoj mus.” Speaking to St. Paul Pioneer Press, local doctor Thai Lee sums up the community’s grievances best. The text is wrong, missing key breaks in the language. “As it stands right now, it doesn’t make sense at all.” [read more]

McD to Open Vegetarian Restaurant

McDonald’s, known worldwide as the “standard-bearer of the hamburger,” will be opening its first two vegetarian restaurants in India in 2013, BBC reports. [read more]

SA Food Prices set to double by 2030

With food prices already soaring around the world, the future looks bleak for SA, too, as the price of staple foods could more than double by 2030. [read more]

New Record for the World’s Biggest Burger

The Black Bear Casino Resort in Minnesota has set the Guinness World Record for the world’s biggest burger on 2 September 2012. [read more]

Wednesday, the 5th of September

Special-of-the-Day: Moet & Chandon Specials. Only pay R60 per glass or R400 per bottle. [more info]

Clever? Smuggler hides Cocaine in Roasted Chicken

A Nigerian mechanic who struggled in Brazil for more than six years had hoped the drugs would buy him a life of luxury in his native land, Nigerian authorities said Monday. [read more]

What’s the most you’d ever spend on a bottle of booze? Surely not $30k?

One anonymous collector recently plunked down $30,185 (£19,000) for a rare half-bottle of 1789 A.C. Meukow & Co Cognac. [read more]

Organic food hardly healthier, study suggests. Your thoughts?

Stanford University doctors dug through reams of research to find out – and concluded there’s little evidence that going organic is much healthier, citing only a few differences involving pesticides and antibiotics. [read more]

Anyone Addicted to Cat Food? This woman eats 900 kitty treats per day!

‘They just burst with flavour in your mouth and I love them’ she said during an interview on My Strange Addiction, which premieres on Discovery Real Time tonight. [read more]

Tuesday, the 4th of September

Special-of-the-Day: Prawn Specials at Blowfish Restaurant [more info]

Mormon Church Clarifies Its Stance On Coke And Pepsi

On Wednesday (Aug. 29), the LDS church posted a statement on its website saying that “the church does not prohibit the use of caffeine” and that the faith’s health-code reference to “hot drinks” “does not go beyond (tea and coffee).” [read more]

McDonalds to launch McKitchen in JHB

Fast food chain McDonald’s SA is reportedly set to launch its next big evolution the “McKitchen” in Victory Park, Johannesburg. The McKitchen is set to feature a modified cooking platform as well as new innovations to the front counter and beverages, MoneyWeb reported. [read more]

Gross-Out Cocktails At Adults-Only Cakeshop Push Boundaries In Taste 

We warn you, these cocktails are not for the faint of heart. They come to use via Miss Cakehead, the force behind creepy edible creations like anatomically correct macarons and unsettlingly gory cakes. [read more]

Hunger worsening in Zimbabwe

The United Nations food agency says hunger is worsening in Zimbabwe after erratic rains, shortages of seeds and fertilizer and “poor agricultural practices” in the troubled economy led to a reduction in fields planted with the main staple foods. [read more]

Monday, the 3rd of September

Special of the Day: 1/2 Price Fine Dining at Five Flies [more info]

White House Beer Recipe Released

Buzz about the White House beer recipes first began when Obama told an Iowa man his bus was stocked with beer brewed at the White House. A Reddit user then submitted a Freedom Of Information Act request for the recipes, and thousands signed a We The People petition to reveal the secrets behind the brews. [read more]

The era of cheap food may be over

The last decade saw the end of cheap oil, the magic growth ingredient for the global economy after the second world war. This summer’s increase in maize, wheat and soya bean prices – the third spike in the past five years – suggests the era of cheap food is also over. [read more]

Robert Wheeler Accused Of Punching Pizza Delivery Man ‘Because He Forgot The Garlic Knots’

Garlic knots — those cheap, chewy meal extenders that always need more garlic — exacted a heavy price on a Vero Beach, Fla., pizza deliveryman. A tatted-up, 346-pound customer allegedly punched the pizza man “because he forgot the garlic knots,” says a police report now making the media rounds [read more]

Maple Syrup Worth Up To $30M Stolen In Quebec

Thieves in Quebec have made off with a massive haul of maple syrup worth up to $30 million in an unusual burglary targeting the world’s most important association of producers of the Canadian confection. [read more]

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