FoodBlogCT News Week 27 2012

Friday, the 6th of July

#FoodFact: Peppercorns come in three colors: black, green and white.


The most expensive whiskey to ever be bought at auction has been sold for a jaw dropping $460,000. [read more]

A New Way to Drink Wine

The bottles you’re used to yield four glasses. A California company thinks dividing them up to make a “tower of toasts” is the next big thing. And they’re looking for investors. [read more]

Africa’s Looming Food Crisis Could Affect 18 Million People

A massive food crisis is brewing in Africa’s Sahel region. Already, some 18 million people in the region are confronting a severe food shortage. [read more]

Researchers want healthier food made cheaper

The government needs to do more to protect South Africans from the lure of junk food by making healthier food cheaper and more readily available, say researchers from the University of the Western Cape. [read more]

Thursday, the 5th of July

#FoodFact: Black pepper is the berry of a vine that originated in South India.

The new Jack Daniels flavour

I suppose that honey isn’t an entirely alien flavour to whiskey, especially not in American whiskies which are always somewhat sweeter than Scottish or Irish versions anyway. [read more]

Celebrity chefs in legal hot water

Harry Truman wasn’t giving celebrity chefs advise when he said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,” but maybe he should have been. Recently several celebrity chefs have been entangled in some scandalous lawsuits centered on how they’ve handled themselves or their businesses. [read more]

Poor rains may raise SA food prices

A reduced maize surplus, because of poor rains, could lead to an increase in food prices, the Business Day reported on Friday. [read more]

SA Restaurants urged to tackle obesity

The food service industry needs to face up to its responsibilities in tackling the global obesity epidemic, according to a new report launched in Cape Town yesterday by Unilever Food Solutions. [read more]

Wednesday, the 4th of July

#FoodFact: In Alaska, people report road-kill to authorities who collect the animals and butcher them. The meat is distributed to the needy.

Lack of food knowledge Shocking, says survey

Fewer than half of young UK adults know butter comes from a dairy cow and a third do not know eggs come from hens, according to a survey. [read more]

Pay or we write a bad Review | Blog Scams in the US

Scammers are making some restaurants an offer they can’t refuse: A payoff or discount, or they’ll post a nasty rating on online review sites like Yelp! or Angie’s List. [read more]

Find out why Singles prefer food over sex | What do you say?

One in three singles would rather go without sex for a year than their favourite food, a new study has revealed. [read more]

Study: Eat 40% less and live longer! (Im pretty sure this does not apply to everyone!)

London: Reducing daily intake of food by 40 percent may help in enhancing one`s life span by 20 years, British scientists working over treatment for ageing disease have suggested. [read more]

Tuesday, the 3rd of July

#FoodFact: Before they were domesticated, potatoes were poisonous!

Canada: Hospital food lacks proper nutrition

Hospital food is often criticized for being unappetizing, but dietitians say the processed meals also lack proper nutrition for recovering patients. [read more]

Companies Launch Big Campaign Against NY Soda Ban

Lobbyists from large soda companies, including Coca-Cola, have launched an aggressive campaign to fight Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed bigger-than-16-ounce-container soda ban, The New York Times reports. [read more]

California Bans Fois Gras: A Brief History

On July 1, California will be bound by the most sweeping anti-foie gras statute in the world. Consumed by few, the pricey delicacy made from duck or goose’s liver is lusted after by chefs and diners for its rich, singular flavor and versatility on the plate for everything from hot dogs to ice cream. [read more]

US Food Trucks donating Lunch to Storm Victims

Today some area residents who are suffering from storm damage will get free lunch — courtesy of a trio of local food trucks. [read more]

Monday, the 2nd of July

#FoodFact: Wild salmon are pink because of the crustaceans they eat.

Trace Amounts of Alcohol found in Soda

Trace amounts of alcohol can be found in popular soft drinks including Coca-Cola and Pepsi, according to new findings by the National Institute of Consumption in Paris. [read more]

World’s most expensive wine comes in futuristic glass vial

Australian fine wine maker Penfolds this week unveiled what it says is the world’s most expensive bottle of wine. [read more]

McDonald’s Employee Tells All On Reddit

A McDonald’s employee recently hosted an IAmA questionaire on Reddit (basically an “ask me anything”) about his experience working for the chain. If you’re expecting him to rip apart the company, think again — user GamesMisconduct63 actually likes his job a lot, crediting the great employees that he works with. [read more]

The Hop ‘n Vine Festival

The time has come for a winter craft beer, craft wine and food festival in Cape Town and there is no finer place to sip hand-crafted, warming ales and wines than Simon’s on the oldest Wine estate in South Africa, Groot Constantia. [read more]

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