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Friday, the 15th of June

#FoodFact: Per ounce, Chicken McNuggets contain twice as much fat as a hamburger.

Nando’s does it again: Dig at SABC

Pity you can’t ban them all. But just in case, we’d like to make it clear that we had nothing to do with this. We prefer igniting public debates, not studios. – Nando’s [read more]

Zimbabwe army suffers food shortages

Zimbabwe’s army is suffering food shortages after recruiting thousands of new soldiers without authority from the cash-strapped treasury, Finance Minister Tendai Biti said on Thursday. [read more]

Find out how much Nicotine are in your Veggies! 

We were intrigued when Reddit user hellhound60 posted this interesting tidbit: 20lbs of Eggplant contains as much nicotine as a cigarette. A little sleuthing revealed that the user derived the information from a 1993 study titled “The Nicotine Content of Common Vegetables” by a trio of doctors with the University of Michigan. [read more]

UN warns on N Korea food crisis

Millions of North Koreans suffer chronic food shortages and dire health care, leaving one in three young children stunted, but there are no signs of reform to spur economic growth, the United Nations warns. [read more]

Thursday, the 14th of June

#FoodFact: The ever popular Popsicle was invented on 1905 by an 11 year old

Steers Special goes very wrong!

People clearly love a bargain. When South African fast food chain Steers announced that it would be offering R10 Rib Burgers today, it caused a rush on stores around the country and unleashed a social media storm. [read more]

Is this Kit Kat Commercial Offensive [Video]?

After watching chocolate mega-corporation Nestlé’s new commercial for Kit Kat Chunky bars, which airs exclusively in Dubai, we couldn’t help thinking one thing: Is poking fun at dwarfs suddenly acceptable again? [read more]

Pizza Vending Machine the next Big Thing?

Move aside, sushi robots — there’s a new automated chef in town. Thanks to Italian inventor Claudio Torghel, for the past three years Europe has enjoyed vending machine pizza, made from scratch in two-and-a-half minutes flat. Now, its distributor, A1 Concepts, plans to bring the contraption to the U.S. [read more]

$450 pizza includes lobster, caviar!

You’d never know we were in such dire economic times. Adding to the spate of ridiculously priced food items, now you can blow your paycheck on a pizza for $450. [read more]

Wednesday, the 13th of June

#FoodFact: An American will typically eat the equivalent of 28 pigs in his or her lifetime.

Millions of North Koreans suffer chronic food shortages

Millions of North Koreans suffer chronic food shortages and dire health care, leaving one in three young children stunted, and there are no signs of reform to spur economic growth, the United Nations warns. [read more]

World Food Prize goes to researcher’s work on irrigation

For decades, scientist Daniel Hillel toiled on a radical new way to bring water to crops in dry regions throughout the Middle East and around the world. [read more]

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs To Close Justin’s Restaurant

In spite of recent rumors, Sean “Diddy” Combs’ popular Atlanta restaurant, Justin’s, has permanently shut down. [read more]

Study names worst “healthy” fast food kids meals

Some of our favorite foods have made the list of the five worst ‘healthy’ fast food kids meals. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine released the list as the summer season begins. [read more]

Tuesday, the 12th of June

#FoodFact: Eating eggs is taboo in some areas of Africa!

Food allergies affect more city kids than rural ones

Food allergies are more common in kids who live in a city than those who live in more rural areas, according to new research. [read more]

McDonald’s Chef: I Don’t See Anything On The Menu That’s Unhealthy

Lisa Abraham of the Akron Beacon Journal recently heard Chef Daniel Coudreaut, senior director of culinary innovation for McDonald’s USA, speak about the McDonald’s menu. [read more]

Nando’s responds to TV Broadcasters with Print Ad

SABC,DSTV,M-Net and have banned this ad. They’ve made the decision for you. That’s why we’re giving you the option to see it here. Unlike our broadcasters, we’re giving you the right to choose. [read more]

New restaurants opening near Cape Town stadium soon?

The City of Cape Town wants to convert its stadium into a hub of commercial activity to make the R4.5bn building sustainable, it was reported on Wednesday. [read more]

Monday, the 11th of June

#FoodFact: In the Philippines, it is considered good luck if a coconut is cleanly split open without jagged edges

Study: Junk Food More Appealing When You’re Sleepy

Unhealthy foods, such as sweets and chips, are more appealing to people who haven’t had enough sleep, new research suggests. [read more]

Shipwreck Champagne Sells For $156,000

In 2010, a crew of divers discovered the kind of booty we really get excited about: 79 perfectly preserved bottles of Champagne in a Baltic Sea shipwreck. Today, 11 of them were auctioned off in Finland for an amazing $156,000. [read more]

Organic Meats May Have Higher Risk Of Parasites

Organic meat may be more likely to carry the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, according to new research. [read more]

The Best Fitness Foods

Getting a great workout goes beyond the number of reps you do or the miles you log on the treadmill (though that does help too). In all the running road races I’ve trained for — from 5Ks to marathons — I know that what I put into my body before and after a race or a training run can either help or hinder my performance. [read more]

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Nando’s responds to TV Broadcasters with Print Ad