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Friday, the 8th of June

#FoodFact: Apples, potatoes, and onions all taste the same when eaten with your nose plugged.

McDonald’s ends myths on what’s in the food

Canadian website invites people to post questions where ‘the real answers’ are shared. As someone charged with managing public relations for McDonald’s Canada, Jason Patuano often gets the question: “Just what is in your hamburgers?” [read more]

Simon Cowell to launch cookery talent show

X Factor supremo Simon Cowell is said to be teaming up with Marks & Spencer to produce a new cooking talent show that will see hopefuls rustle up everything from the humble pasty to jellied eels as they compete for a £20,000 prize. [read more]

Taste Test Study: Canned vs. Bottled Beer

When it comes to beer, the container it comes in holds a lot of sway — the debate between cans vs. bottles is an ongoing one, and totally subjective to each drinker. But have you ever wondered if there’s really a difference in taste? [read more]

Study: Love junk food during Pregnancy? Your baby will like it too!

A new Australian study has found that pregnant rats who were fed a diet of junk food produced offsprings with a taste for sweet and salty treats, a research that can have implications for human beings as well. [read more]

Thursday, the 7th of June

#FoodFact: No one really knows when donuts were invented or who invented them.

Nigella to star in Reality Show

Some interesting news out of Anthony Bourdain’s camp yesterday: The soon-to-be former host of Travel Channel’s “No Reservations” is slated to host a reality cooking show with British food personality Nigella Lawson. [read more]

US Study: Food Industry Workers cannot pay their bills

A new report from the Food Chain Workers Alliance offers a grim portrait of the American food industry, which employs nearly 20 million people (h/t Mother Jones). The report examines the economic situation of food workers of every stripe — from farmers to line cooks to slaughterhouse workers to grocery store employees to the people who drive the trucks. [read more]

Johnny Walker to Invest 1.5b Dollars

Diageo Plc, the largest producer of Scotch whisky, is to invest over 1 billion pounds ($1.5 billion) in the drink over the next five years to meet growing demand from the emerging markets of Asia, Latin America and Africa. [read more]

Study: Sea veggies – the new Superfood

Move aside pomegranates, chia seeds, and salmon. There a new superfood that’s being touted by nutritionists, health experts, and scientists as one of the best foods you can eat: seaweed. [read more]

Wednesday, the 6th of June

#FoodFact: In Tibet, a common drink is butter tea – it is made from yak butter, salt, and tea.

DStv, etv join SABC in refusal to air Nando’s ad

South African digital satellite TV service DStv has joined the country’s national broadcaster, the SABC, in refusing to air a Nando’s ad on the grounds that it could inflame xenophobia. [read more]

Presidential Visit Helps Business At US Restaurant

By the following week, Taylor Gourmet’s viral Facebook reach expanded by nearly 251 percent. Before Obama’s visit, Taylor Gourmet shops sold his order, the Spruce Street hoagie, on average 21 times a day. Now, they’re selling 53. [read more]

Michelle Obama Praises NYC Soda Ban Proposal

First lady Michelle Obama says banning big servings of sugary drinks isn’t anything she’d want to do at the federal level but she offered some kind words for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s effort to do just that. [read more]

Disney bans junk-food advertising on programs for kids

The Walt Disney Co. has become the first major media company to ban junk-food advertising on programming that targets children. [read more]

Tuesday, the 5th of June

#FoodFact: Raw pumpkin seeds contain essential fatty acids and beneficial proteins.

Interesting Read: Alec Baldwin – His take on US Obesity

The need to understand and then decisively act upon the latest findings regarding sugar consumption, diabetes, overall nutritional guidelines and policies, and the public health crisis created by the U.S. obesity epidemic is urgent. [read more]

Study: Why we love Fast food

Though health experts warn of the risks associated with processed food products, an increasing number of urban families are relying on instant and easy-to-prepare meals instead of cooking from scratch at home. [read more]

Greenpeace: KFC junking the jungle

Greenpeace on Wednesday accused global fast food chain KFC of using paper packaging made using wood from Indonesian rainforests which it said was endangering the habitat of the Sumatran tiger. [read more]

Gourmet Seaside Dining Restaurant opens in Somalia

Somali businessman Ahmed Jama recently returned to Somalia from London to open two Western-style restaurants in two hotels he owns, one on the beachfront and the other downtown Mogadishu. His beachfront property boasts stylish beach beds and flat-screen TVs. [read more]

Monday, the 4th of June

#FoodFact: For a natural breath freshener, try a sprig of parsley!

Fresh alert over the dangers of caffeine

Coffee drinkers are woefully ignorant of the dangers lurking in their cup, a new report warns. Consumers should be provided with information about the caffeine content of their takeaway latte or espresso since most are unaware of how it varies in strength from shop to bar or from cup to mug. [read more]

8 Food Urban Legends

Here are eight more food related urban legends, covering fact, fiction and the gray, “Google it” bits somewhere in-between. [read more]

Supersized Egg Found By Cookie Smith Has Another Egg Inside [VIDEO]

These days, supersized foods are quite common, but that didn’t stop Cookie Smith from being shocked when she saw the egg one of her hens laid earlier this week. [read more]

Face-Eating-Themed Sandwich At Brooklyn’s Do Or Dine: Too Soon?

Which brings us to Do or Dine, the hip Bed-Stuy restaurant, who Thursday evening tweeted a link to a photo (now deleted) on their Facebook showing an open-faced sandwich. They captioned, ”Too Soon? Scary news sucks. This doesn’t. Presenting the Miami Openface with Smoked ‘Bath Salts.’ [read more]

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