Fine Dining Experience at Crystal Towers

Executive Chef Henrico Grobbelaar had to work twice as hard to be where he is today. Having first studied Engineering for four years straight after school, he always felt that he was catching up compared to other chefs in the industry. Working double shifts was his way of showing dedication to his craft and ambition to match.

His engineering degree hasn’t gone to waste even if he is working in the kitchen now. The precision is always present as soon as he puts on an apron, from the preparation all the way to plating each and every dish.

We had the opportunity to enjoy the new menu at Towers Restaurant recently and I for one am very happy that he has found his calling as a Chef. It gives us the chance to appreciate the beautiful dishes that he’s been creating for many years. Chef Henrico has been with Crystal Towers for about 4 months and is delighting many guests with an innovative fine-dining menu.

Norwegian Salmon

Norwegian salmon is a dish that is on many menus in Cape Town. Wanting to bring in South African flavours, this version is truly unique. Cardimon, orange peel and sugar allow for a beautiful Malay undertone that works perfectly with this delicious starter.

Seared Tuna

Tuna was the main ingredient for the next dish. But as for the Norwegian salmon, it was complimented with flavours that you wouldn’t normally expect. Mexican cuisine was the theme to go along with the perfectly seared seafood. It came with a refreshing corn salad and a crisp ciabata to substitute for the Mexican taco. A creamy guacamole was added that had quite a kick; it brought this dish to a whole other level.

Lamb Loin

This dish allowed for a range of different textures, cooking styles and flavours to shine. It’s always exciting to sample different sensations with every element on a plate first. When paired as one exciting meal, it’s a true delight. My favourite dish of our evening has to go to the lamb loin.


Caramalised Banana

This dessert was full on crazy but in a good way. Banana. Caramel. Coffee. Ice Cream. All in one delicious dish. I could eat an entire tub of the banana ice-cream which the restaurant makes on site. The creaminess of the ice-cream works perfectly with the saltiness of the caramelized banana. The pastry crumble, coconut flakes and toasted macademia nuts gave this dish a great contrast in textures that I really enjoyed. It’s just a fun dish all around.

Layered Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate and Strawberries – always a winning combination. Add a cinnomon ice-cream and a chocolate crumble to elevate a simple dish to new heights. A fantastic dish to end our evening at Crystal Towers.

The restaurant is currently offering a fantastic date night special every Wednesday, where 3 courses including a bottle of wine are available for only R500 per couple. It’s the perfect opportunity to try out an exciting fine dining restaurant at a very affordable price.

Directions to Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers
Corner Century Boulevard and Rialto Road,
Century City,
Cape Town
T: +27 21 525 3888

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