Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Checkers

Shop for Father’s Day gifts at your local Checkers!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Checkers

Whether he’s your dad, your granddad, your uncle, or your big bro – this is a day to celebrate the man in your life who has shaped you into who you are. These Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Checkers are just some of the fun, innovative, cute, and useful gifts that you could find at your nearest store!

Father’s Day Gifts for the Coffee Lover

For the guy that likes his caffeine kick, there are a whole lot of options for you. How about a main man inspired mug or flask + a jar of his fave coffee? Not a coffee fan? Get a box or two of different teas or even some hot chocolate. You could even throw in some biscuits or rusks to sweeten the surprise. If your budget allows, yoh, a slick coffee machine will make the morning a whole lot brighter.

Father’s Day Gifts for the Comfort King

Most of us are spending a lot more time at home these days and BRRRR it’s getting chilly. So now, maybe more than ever before, having cosy clothing is key. Whether it’s Pajama Pajamas or (our new favourite term) “Business Pajamas”, a gown for those icy winter nights, or a trendy hoodie for layering up – you can find a ‘lil somethin’ somethin’ no matter what your dad’s style.

Father’s Day Gifts for the Music Man

Ready to go from oonts oonts to OOONNTTTS OOONNTTTS? Whether he’s into gqom, classical, deep house, pop, or jazz – we don’t judge. Get the sound system he’s always wanted, whether it’s for his tunes or just to ramp up the volume on the TV. And while it’s sure not a typical gift, you could even throw in a multi-plug so that he can power up his new gift without having to unplug something else 😉

Father’s Day Gifts for the Food Fanatic

This one is a no brainer. It’s EASY to spoil a foodie at Checkers. No matter what he’s into cooking, you can make it come true. First we have cooking tools like braai tongs, baking goodies, a knife set, or new pots and pans. Or maybe you want to get some ingredients? Like some fancy shmancy cheese or wine? Or maybe you want to do the cooking and spoil pops to a delicious meal?

And a whole lot more…

These are just a few of the literal hundreds of different kinds of gifts you can find at Checkers. Whether you buy one, or bundle a few together, whether it’s flashy or from the heart – there’s an aisle for every kinda dad at Checkers. So, pop into your local Checkers to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for Dad!


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