Exploring the New Exciting Menu at the President Hotel

A new Executive Chef at the helm, the President Hotel has just launched a fantastic menu you have to experience.

With Philip Alcock running the show, the President Hotel has taken on a new perspective that’s all about using the best local produce, classical cooking with a modern edge and sustainability. Diners can look forward to a more tapas-inspired direction, with a deeper focus on freshness and heightened flavour.

On the night of the menu launch we were treated to a wonderfully thought out meal, pretension was left by the wayside, with the emphasis resting on perfected simplicity.

The dinner had an intimate feel, just one long table, low lighting and a fantastic welcome. You got the sense that everyone from the organisers to the staff and executive Chef cared about making the evening as enjoyable as possible and championing a menu that they were understandably proud of.


A style of eating that I personally lean towards, the evening began with tapas-style dishes. Delicious bites, cleverly put together with Asian flavour influences, so that each component elegantly complemented the next.

Thai Fish Cakes with Gyoza Dipping Sauce, Long Pin Sesame Chicken with spiced Satay Sauce and Pickled Vegetables with Ginger and Chilli. Paired with a tall glass of ice-cold Newlands Spring Passionate Blonde Craft Beer.

Considering Alcock’s time in Asia you can appreciate his choice of dishes, and of course, the beer pairing. An easy drinking beer, light enough to not weigh down the evening, the Newlands Spring Passionate Blonde was a lovely touch, and the perfect match for the approachable Asian-inspired tasters.

The chicken was tender, cooked to perfection and covered in satay sauce, an Indonesian favourite for a reason. The fish cakes were soft and flavourful, with a crispy outer coating and Gyoza (Japanese dumpling) dipping sauce. The Pickled vegetables were an appreciated fresh and tangy addition.

The dishes set the tone for what was to come, a confident menu, not concerned with convoluted methods and the use of bizarre ingredients to impress.

Palate Cleanser

Now, the Palate Cleanser was something special. A Virgin Mary Consommé, the liquid placed before us had an almost entirely clear colour, yet flavour-wise, it packed a surprizing punch. It was quite simply delicious, exactly like a Bloody Mary minus the booze, delicate yet memorable.


An element to the evening that really set it apart was the cooking demonstrations, by Philip Alcock himself, right next to the table. He worked efficiently with an easy-going manner only those who have honed their craft can afford to have when cooking on display.

He marinated the hake it in a mix of lemon, ginger and chili before forming an elegant dish of fish rolled in cucumber ribbons with cream cheese and poppy seeds, finished off with micro herbs and fish roe. The dish was a flavourful delight. Fresh, zesty fish with crunch from the cucumber, creaminess from the cheese, and vibrant pops of flavour from the roe.


We enjoyed another cooking demonstration with the farmed cob, filleted and pan fried before us, served with Tender Stem Broccoli, Grilled New Potatoes, Pea, Mint Velouté and bacon! The components married brilliantly; prepared, cooked and seasoned just right.


The dessert was something magnificent, beautiful to behold, it was a celebration of passionfruit, meringue and chocolate. Although at first glance it looked like it may be a sugar overload, it was perfectly balanced. Made up of crisp sticks of meringue with just the right amount of sweetness, parfait spheres, chocolate brownie crumbs, marshmallow piping and passionfruit gel. With every individual element complimenting the rest, each spoonful was a treat.

The thought put into each dish and the entire experience was greatly appreciated. The dishes were a celebration of the produce, no rich sauces masking the flavours or eccentricity for the sake of it. Careful restraint was shown to let the ingredients speak for themselves.

Philip Alcock’s modern take on classic cooking has proved a fantastic addition to the President Hotel experience and his vision is one most diners will wholly support. From culinary masters, mentoring Michelin rated chefs and working in kitchens around the world, Philip Alcock, has experienced every inch of the hospitality industry, and it shows.

Make a booking at the president hotel for classically good food with a touch of flair.

Call: 021 434 8111 or Email: reservations@presidenthotel.co.za

 Directions to The President Hotel

4 Alexander Road
Bantry Bay
021 434 8111

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