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  • Getting cheesy, chocolatey, and fruity with Hirsch’s Homestore

    Over the last two weeks, we’ve had the joy of partnering with Hirsch’s Homestore to trial a few of their products. They challenged us to showcase what their LG Microwave, Bosch Juicer and Russel Hobbs Slow Cooker were all about. Oozy, boozy choc-banana koek in the LG NeoChef microwave. The 25l LG NeoChef Microwave is a […] More

  • Transform a Coco Loco into a Monkey Colada

    Sipping on plain water is definitely refreshing, but not nearly as delectable as sipping on coconut water. Switch your signature drink for a refreshing summer sipper with Monkey Shoulder’s Monkey Colada. Coco Loco is a Colombian coconut cocktail originally made popular on the Caribbean coast. Monkey Shoulder Scotch whisky turns the tradition upside down by […] More

  • A landmark so true, thanks to Tullamore D.E.W.

    When it comes to Tullamore D.E.W’s distillery, the story is more thrilling than most whiskey manufacturing myths and tales. Up until the mid-1950’s, Irish whiskey was distilled in Tullamore – a market town in the Irish Midlands. Known the world over for its smooth and gentle complexity, Tullamore D.E.W., the original triple distilled, triple blend […] More

  • Back yourself up with a Hendrick’s Gin Buck

    Oh what a time to be alive! How lucky we are that it’s socially acceptable to have a summery gin beverage before five o’clock! Those unfortunate souls that live on planets without such privileges have miserable luck… The Buck stops here. When the sun is scorching hot, chances are you’ll want nothing more than a […] More

  • Let the chirping begin with Monkey Shoulder’s Blackbird

    If you’re looking for a chirpy summer cocktail, look no further! It doesn’t get more cheerful than Monkey Shoulder’s unique and delicious Blackbird cocktail. A sophisticated summer cocktail doesn’t mean you have to sweat over a complicated recipe; sometimes the simplest drinks are the best.  It’s no secret that not all cocktails are created equally, […] More

  • A Reyka Vodka Fix-Me-Up for a Gloomy Day

    Reyka Vodka invites you to mix yourself a fix-me-up, a reminder that there’s always a bright side to every situation. As Iceland is a multifaceted country that’s both beautiful and rugged, Icelanders know a thing or two about the highs and lows of everyday life. Of course, in life, there is always a Brightside, as […] More

  • Recipe: The Hussar Grill Pepper Sauce for Steak

    First opened in1964, The Hussar Grill has practiced 54 years of excellence. Admired as South Africa’s premier grill rooms, having enjoyed a loyal following due to their unwavering quality, it’s the place to go for speciality steaks, award-winning wines and superb service. A classic accompaniment, The Hussar Grill is known for their phenomenal Pepper Sauce. […] More

  • Sip breakfast in a glass with this Monkey Shoulder Morning Glory Fizz

    This brunch nip does more than cure a weekend hangover, it’s a delicious drink that’s acceptable to sip on during your weekend morning, and no, it’s not a mimosa! This is the Monkey Shoulder Morning Glory Fizz. At  the heart of a cocktail revolution, Monkey Shoulder is doubtlessly as fun as a barrel of monkeys… A […] More

  • A shake up on a Mint Julep, mix yourself a Tullamore DEWlep!

    The Mint Julep, a classic cocktail loved by many, this refreshing tipple usually consists of bourbon, sugar, water, crushed or shaved ice, and fresh mint. Tullamore D.E.W. Irish whiskey, also a big fan of the Mint Julep, has taken it upon themselves to give this old time favourite a revival of sorts. The DEWlep offers a […] More

  • Try this Hanky Panky Martini from Hendrick’s Gin!

    Hanky Panky and Hendrick’s Gin – a winning combination  In the Victorian era, washing in chamomile was believed to attract new love – and with new love often follows a bit of hanky panky, no? Immersed in mischievousness, Hendrick’s Gin invites you to construct the Hanky Panky Martini, whether you have someone to love or […] More

  • A Citrus Revival Reyka Vodka Cocktail

    Reyka Vodka, created and produced in Iceland, invites you to stir up the Orange Drink cocktail as you wave farewell to the citrus season. Always seeking the less conventional path, Reyka’s outlook is much too large to limit themselves to things that might be seen as normal. Brimming with creative energy, Iceland is anything but […] More

  • Tullamore D.E.W reinvigorates the age-old tradition of sipping a coffee

    Dating back to 1829, Tullamore D.E.W. has always maintained a proud association with tradition. Tullamore D.E.W invites you to embrace an age-old Irish favourite on colder nights, the Irish Coffee. The perfect blend of flavour and tradition, there are many ways to enjoy this irresistible brew for the coffee lovers. The combination of the coffee’s strong […] More