Deluxe Coffeeworks Review

I am the worst kind of addict. I am the kind of addict who goes to bed fantasizing about my next kick and my fantasy transcends my sleep and turns into my reality. I wake up feeling exhausted, dazed, confused, like I have been awake for days. I lie in bed, motionless, and try and find some clarity among my washed out thoughts. A sense of despair and hopelessness engulfs my body as I try and piece together the daunting challenges of the day. I close my eyes and slowly the darkness turns into a warm, rich and creamy caramel brown. Warmth fights off the despair and hopelessness and my day starts looking brighter and sweeter. I open my eyes, I focus and think – I need my kick, I need my caffeine injection.

Who needs their caffeine injection?

Deluxe Coffeworks

Coffee is my drug and I am ready to admit that I am addicted. There is something so homely and comforting about the aroma that ever so gently climbs into my nose and then ventures through my whole being. My mind starts racing, my heart beat shatters the chart and my palms start itching. I need caffeine and I need it all the time. I have found nothing as powerful as coffee to satisfy my need.

Let me make my second confession – coffee is not just coffee. And while on the honesty train, let me make my third confession – not all coffee is equal. Coffee is art and like art, there is good art and great art. As a snobbish coffee addict, I have strict requirements – I only want great coffee. This is problematic as sadly at UCT great coffee does not exist, let alone good coffee. So where then can a snobbish coffee addict go to find their fix – Deluxe Coffeeworks.

Deluxe Coffeeworks is located at 25 Church Street in the centre of Cape Town. It is small, it is noisy, it is busy and best of all, it makes a cappuccino that will convert any coffee virgin into a full-blown addict. So why is this great coffee and not just coffee – five reasons.

First, they roast and grind their own beans in-store which means that the sweet aroma of coffee is a permanent feature. Second, the quality and taste of the coffee is heavenly. The goldenness of the crème is unsurpassed and offers a sweetness that makes your taste buds smile and your pleasure centre pulsate. Third, the milk is frothed, not boiled or steamed and has a wispiness to it that reminds me of clouds. Further, the consistency of the milk is perfect – just enough air to add body but not too much to make it flop when you add sugar. Fourth, the staff is uber trendy and just cool people who love coffee and make you feel welcome. As an addict, being made to feel welcome is a rare feat and hence greatly valued. Fifth, Deluxe Coffeeworks offers you non-comparable value for money. Most coffee in Cape Town is good coffee, but extortionately overpriced. As an addict, money is limited at the best of times and hence value for money is a non-negotiable. Therefore, coffee that will give any addict a kick at only R10 is worth becoming an addict for.

All addicts need a dealer, a dealer that is reliable and trustworthy. Deluxe Coffeeworks is my dealer. Don’t waste any time, become an addict today. My palms are itching and my pupils are dilating, time for my next fix.

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