Craft Beer on show at great value at Woodstock Grill & Tap

Drink the best local and international craft beers in the heart of Woodstock!

Located above a local brewery, The Woodstock Grill & Tap offers a wide range of acclaimed beers at their beautiful bar. A few of these are also available on tap, where a 500ml craft beer only costs R33 with exception of the Californicator which is only slightly more expensive. At these highly competitive prices, you will want to come back again and again.

P.S.: Beers may vary due to availability!

Happy Pills

Happy Pills is inspired by the elated feeling that comes with a well deserved beer after work, and the feeling that follows as the refreshing taste peels away life’s stress.

Hazy Daze

This medium bodied and well balanced Belgian wit style beer is brewed with fresh oranges and crushed coriander seeds, and is the ultimate thirst quencher on a hot day or any other, guaranteed to leave you refreshed.

Pot Belge

Pot Belge is named after an early generation cycling stimulant consumed as an elixir to make tough days a little easier and more bearable.


Crafted in the style of India Pale Ales brewed on the American Pacific Coast, this hop-forward IPA exudes rich tropical and citrus fruit aromas in abundance with a medium to full bodied mouthfeel.


Directions to Woodstock Grill & Tap
252 Albert Road
021 447 0934

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