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  • Salt & Sage Food Studio

    This intimate cooking studio has beautiful views of Bantry Bay and the ocean from its location Cook your heart out, enjoy great company and sit down to dinner in this spectacular 10 seater venue with an inspiring view of the ocean You and 9 friends could be cooking up a storm! It’s R695 per class […] More

  • Italian & Mediterranean Cuisine by the Sea with Ginger & Lime

    Enjoy a scrumptious Italian menu at your own hand when joining this cooking class with Ginger & Lime. Here everyone is involved in some process of making the feast of the evening. Instead of everyone having their own stations, you will be hosted in one big kitchen where everyone can get as involved as they […] More

  • Authentic Greek Cuisine at Ginger & Lime

    Mrs. Pola Georgoulas has been in the catering and hospitality business in Greece and Botswana for the past 40 years. She has been the proud owner of the first 2 Greek restaurants in Gaborone, the capital of Botswana. She catered for most of the embassy events in Botswana and did special events catering for the […] More

  • Japanese Cuisine with Ginger & Lime Cooking Studio

    Wondering what kinds of things Ginger & Lime will be serving up? If you know the creator of Ginger & Lime, you will know she adores Asian style food. The emphasis of this cooking class is on seasonal ingredients. It is something that Denise is super passionate about and is eager to highlight on the […] More

  • Seasonal Summer ~ Interactive Cooking Event with Ginger & Lime

    Meat dishes, salads and fresh fish in the kitchen! Get inspired by the new season and learn how to create beautiful healthy dishes that are just as tasty as they are good for you! At a G&L cooking class, they are passionate about food that not only feeds the soul, but nurtures yourself and those […] More

  • Create Healthy Italian Mediterranean Dishes at Ginger & Lime

    Enjoy healthy & delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Taking place on 17th January, this cooking course will inspire you to get back into the kitchen and learn how to create beautiful Italian-Mediterranean dishes! A popular menu at Ginger & Lime, gain ideas and new knowledge that will have you giving your go-to dinner party menu a complete […] More

  • Cook with your Loved One at Ginger & Lime for Valentine’s Day

    What’s ON! during Valentines at Ginger & Lime. In our opinion, everyone has so much STUFF! Why not gift someone you love with an experience, and the gift of your time. We have witnessed many special memories made in the Ginger & Lime kitchen. Give that special someone a Ginger and Lime voucher, and join […] More

  • Eat to Thrive Ginger & Lime Cooking Class

    Join Ginger & Lime for a Ayurvedic plant based cooking class inspired by South Indian flavours. This colourful plant based cooking class gives you the chance to learn from Ayurvedic and plant-based chef Arabella Parkinson, a chef, yoga instructor and believer in holistic health through the food you eat. Eat to Thrive, Arabella’s brand, focuses […] More

  • Indian Cooking Class with Ginger & Lime

    Fashion Designer and sought after fashion consultant, mentor and influencer, Cyril Naicker has a major pressence in the local fashion space. With a passion for food derived from childhood memories, his love for cooking has developed into creating memorable culinary events. He has notably planned many prominent occasions for the likes of Prince Albert II of […] More

  • Explore Moroccan & Middle Eastern Cuisine with Ginger & Lime

    Join Ginger & Lime Food Studio on Tuesday, 30 October. Morocco meets the middle east in this incredible cooking course combining carefully prepared meat dishes with a variety of fresh and seasonal veg. The cooking styles from the Mediterranean and Morocco are contrasting but when the flavours come together, it is truly sensational. Tickets are […] More

  • French Inspired Cooking Class at Ginger & Lime

    Join Ginger & Lime for an evening of French-inspired dishes! You are asked to come hungry to the Ginger & Lime cooking studio as a variety French-inspired dishes will be prepared on the evening. All drinks on the evening are included with a wine estate sponsoring the drinks. You will also leave the evening with […] More

  • Sushi Making Classes at Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers

    Join Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers’ sushi-making classes when their sushi chef shows off the skills needed for the fine art of making this popular Eastern delicacy! All sushi lovers are welcome Add a little flair to your dining experience at Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers. Once a month on a Saturday sushi-making […] More