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March – 2016

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Overview of

We want to introduce our readers to the huge variety of restaurants in Cape Town, Durban & Johannesburg – unique experiences; different cuisines, different places to fall in love with while also presenting the latest restaurant news, events & specials to the members of the FoodBlog community.

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Audience & Demographics

Food-Blog has seen traffic grow considerably since its launch in 2010. Visitors are highly targeted, and arrive mainly via browser bookmarks, targeted search engine queries, social media interactions, and highly relevant inbound links. In short, our website is uniquely positioned to offer an audience that is receptive to your advertising message.

Segmented into different areas with a focus on Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, we can ensure relevant local and national traffic to our clients.

Audience Metrics:

Our current audience as of 01 March 2016.

 40,000 sessions per month
109,000 page views per month

Social Media Metrics:

Our social media following as of 01 March 2016.

FoodBlog Cape Town

30,000 fans 57,000 followers 10,000 subscribers

FoodBlog Durban

10,400 fans 23,000 followers 500 subscribers

FoodBlog Jo’burg

2,200 fans 22,000 followers 500 subscribers

Rates & Opportunities

Food-Blog offers numerous advertising opportunities for advertisers to reach this valuable, targeted audience.

Standard Advertising Opportunities

Ad prices are listed in either CPM (cost per 1,000 page views).

Ad Unit Dimensions Pricing Rate
Leaderboard 728×90 CPM ZAR200
Medium Rectangle 300×250 CPM ZAR200
Skyscraper 160×600 CPM ZAR200
Other Ad Unit 300×600 CPM ZAR200

Added on Benefits for Free

Along with the standard advertising banner above, we also include featured content on home, social media promotion, and newsletter inclusion free of charge. Active promotion will be for 31 days.

Further Opportunities

We can also focus on native advertising or content marketing including social media promotion. Depending on the type of content you wish to promote, we provide options starting from R1,000. This can include:

  • Competitions
  • Press Releases
  • News
  • Branded Recipes, etc.

Active promotion will be for 31 days.

These additional opportunities allow you to reach our targeted audience through non-traditional media. Often, the audience is more engaged when watching video or when on a mobile device. Contact us for additional information on how you can take advantage of these unique opportunities.


For more information, please contact: Marvin Leugering at marvin(at) or 0722714168.