Chicken & Mushroom Potstickers at Akiya Sushi

Have you tried the VERY FAMOUS Potstickers at Akiya Sushi yet? 😍🔥🥟🥢

We’ve long been a fan of Akiya Sushi every since we tried their Asian hot pot experience which we would recommend over and over again. Their sushi selection is also incredible with some really exciting gourmet creations that you haven’t seen anywhere else.

But in between your main courses, you might want a little snack. 

The perfect snack, starter or side to your meal, you have to try the delicious potstickers. They come in chicken for the carnivores, while a mushroom option is also available for the vegetarians. There’s something for everyone.

Order through @ubereats_za , @Mr D Foodapp, or directly through Akiya! Get ordering today! 📲 Akiya Sushi, Axis ☎ (082) 530 3795 Akiya Sushi, Century Village ☎ (063) 553-6016!

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