Chef Kuan’s Serving Gourmet Ghost Menus inspired by Kitima!

Ghosts get hungry too.

We guess an eternity without food would make anyone a bit famished. Chinese Taoist teachers say that this specific kind of hunger comes from being forgotten by the ghost’s relatives.

Chef Kuan, our favourite Asian chef, hails from Kitima Restaurant in Hout Bay, one particular establishment famous for serving their own hungry ghost – Elsa Cloete.

Her father, Sir Abraham Josias Cloete owned the Kronendal Farm in Hout Bay from 1835-1849. Kitima used to operated on these groundes and to appease the ghost would serve her a meal every single evening.

So what did Elsa enjoy eating?

  • Tom Yum Crayfish
  • Wok Red Curry Beef
  • Chili Basil Ostrich
  • Steamed Jasmine Rice

She has good taste, at least. Chef Kuan, now thriving under his own Kuan Kitchen club, is offering this meal to real life people. Invite your beau around and enjoy this set menu for 2 for only R450 from Kuan Kitchen Club.

Order now. If you dare.  WHATSAPP 060 533 9266


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