Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Haute Cabriere

Love in the winelands.

The newly renovated Haute Cabriere restaurant now offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Choose decadent flapjacks and syrup, coconut yoghurt with granola and traditional farmhouse for an early morning kickstart; or come for lunch and early evening tapas for some French fusion and flavour. A dinner of venison fillet, creamy risotto and panna cotta for dessert will round the day off perfectly.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Haute Cabriere and receive a complimentary glass of MCC

A romantic lunch or dinner is not complete without bubbly. Go for a tasting to get the full experience! Haute Cabriere’s Pierre Jourdan Methode Cap Classique is a rich, full-bodied MCC that will go well with seafood dishes such as mussels and salmon. Purchase it online for R335 per bottle and take the romance home with you.

To book a table, email restaurant@cabriere.co.za; or visit www.cabriere.co.za

Directions to Haute Cabriere
Lambrechts road
021 876 8500

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