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  • 21 Things to do at Jordan Wine Estate when the Lock-Down Ends!

    Jordan Wine Estate want to encourage all customers to stay safe at home during the lockdown but this does not mean that you can’t plan ahead to have a Jordan experience in the future. We will be counting down the 21 things to do at Jordan wine estate to give you something to look forward […] More

  • Get Greek Fisherman at Home with their Takeaway Menu

    Enjoy your favourite Greek meals at home!  The Greek Fisherman brings a taste of the islands with traditional cooking with a local twist. But just one close of the eyes and that lamb, chicken, seafood and baklava takes you right to the ocean-side. Keep it Greek with Greek Fisherman’s takeaway menu Salmon, moussaka, lamb chops, […] More

  • Takeaway Menu now available at City Grill

    Restaurant meals at home! Everything just tastes better cooked over an open flame. City Grill will set you on fire with matured steaks, venison, seafood, burgers, stews and curries – all with your favourite meat. They have vegetarian options too. Enjoy the taste of City Grill at home with their takeaway menu. You can still […] More

  • Enjoy Blowfish Restaurant Meals at Home with Takeaway Options

    A drive by the seaside….to pick up your favourite food.  Blowfish Restaurant has a great view to match their menu of fresh seafood and grill meal options. Add to that some sushi and signature cocktails and drinks and it’s no wonder nobody is at home on a Friday night. Well, things have changed a bit […] More

  • Stock Up on Broth with Marrow and MrD

    Perfect for cooking, eating and drinking. Marrow makes nutritious broth made from organic beef, free-range chicken and organic vegetables. It can be used for soups, sauces, breakfast bowls with egg and some greens mushrooms and peppers, ramens, pasta sauces and more. Stock up on broth with Marrow & Mr Delivery Marrow offers fresh and frozen […] More

  • Live your Healthiest Life with Wild Organics Online Orders!

    We all want a long life – but more importantly, we want a quality life. You can take all the classes, do all the yoga, have all the facials and massages you like, but what you put into your body is often the most important! That’s where Wild Organics comes in. Who is Wild Organics? […] More

  • Self-Quarantine Units at Double Tree by Hilton

    Self-isolation units are now available at Double Tree by Hilton! The Double Tree by Hilton Hotel in Woostock is setting out to make things more comfortable for those returning from travel and seeking to ride the risk out with special self-quarantine rooms. These rooms are perfect for those who don’t want to put their family […] More

  • Spier supports the Launch of SA’s first black-owned Wine Lab

    Former Spier employee, Merecia Smith, has launched South Africa’s first black-owned wine analysis laboratory. Merecia joined our farm in 1998 as a general worker and first started working in the wine analysis laboratory four years later. Her hard work and passion for accuracy saw her rise through the ranks, from being an assistant to ultimately […] More

  • Carlucci’s Home Meals are now available!

    Who ever said home meals can’t be exciting!  Carlucci’s has some of the best breakfasts, lunches and dinners this side of the mountain. With mouth-watering ingredients and a natural passion for food thrown in, their chorizo breakfasts, raw juices, meat and cheese boards, cheesy pizzas and burgers are hard to find anywhere else. Order in […] More

  • Sotano is open for Sit-Downs and Takeaways

    Thank goodness. With everyone being asked to social distance themselves, it’s a relief to know that your favourite Mediterranean-fusion restaurant, Sotano, is making sure all staff and guests are doing everything they can to keep everyone safe. You can still get your favourites- grills and seafood, tapas and salads, and more! But if you prefer […] More

  • New Takeaway Menu at 96 Winery Road

    They’re doing things a little differently. 96 Winery Road is your favourite place to go to for hearty winelands cooking, right? In the current challenging times, you can still enjoy the best that the Winelands has to offer with 96 Winery Road making changes to ensure that all staff & guests are as safe as […] More

  • Delicious Breakfast Menu at Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen

    For all types. Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen brings you the most opulent, creative and mind-blowing cocktails you’ve ever seen. Their food menu will pair with small plates, sliders, boards and canapés. And breakfast! Come to Cause Effect for an amazing first meal of the day Choose from five delicious, healthy breakfasts at Cause Effect Cocktail […] More