Blowfish presents a SA first: The CANNAfornia Roll

Let the good times roll.

Succulent beef fillet, truffle-infused mash, penne rocco and pork belly skewer are just some of the delights you’ll find at Blowfish.  Add to that some spicy, creamy szechuan calamari, Mediterranean vegetable and quinoa salad and sweet treats like their chocolate cheesecake and it’s a definite winner. But what we’re really here for is the sushi, right?

Move over traditional sushi. Blowfish is introducing a trendy spin on a classic California roll.

You can now get your favourite with an added infusion of cannabis oil. There will also be other additions to the menu which will be accompanied by this cannabis dressing, as well as a CANNAfornia poke bowl.

  • The CANNAfornia roll has a filling of salmon and prawn, complemented with a lick of cream cheese and topped with avocado. This showstopper sushi roll is accompanied by strawberry mayo infused with a contemporary twist.
  • The CANNAfornia Poke Bowl consists of sushi rice laced with a sweet chilli and caviar mayo with a hint of cannabis oil and topped with salmon, edamame beans, pickled ginger, strawberries, cucumber and avocado.

If cannabis ain’t your thing, why not just come by for their sushi specials every Wednesday & Sunday?

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Directions to Blowfish
1 Marine Drive
Table View
021 556 5464

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