Andiamo Cape Quarter Review

When I turned 14 I decided that from that day forward, I wouldn’t even look at a carb after 5pm because this new diet would miraculously make me skinny. I was so dedicated to this new eating regimen that for a good 7 years I stuck to it. Until I found Andiamo.

Andiamo is a restaurant-come-deli-come-bar situated at the ever trendy Cape Quarter, whose winter specials managed to get me out of my long-standing, “anti-relationship” with carbohydrates.

Every time I go to Andiamo I manage to park in the wrong parking lot and have to trudge across the road. To this day, I don’t know where the correct parking entrance is, I just know it isn’t in the building where Spar is, but somehow I always manage to find myself there. If someone could please educate me on the matter, it would be greatly appreciated.

The daily winter special is two pizzas or pastas (or a combination of both) and two glasses of wine for a mere R99. I know right, it’s just ridiculous.

For starters we ordered salads to share: the Vegetariano (R69.00) which is topped with creamy feta, red peppers, artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes; and the Butternut & Goats Cheese Salad (R63.00) with pumpkin seeds and olives and a balsamic reduction.

The Vegetariano was sensational, I have quite the soft spot for artichokes but the Balsamic dressing on the butternut salad wasn’t as I had expected, as it tasted like plain Balsamic vinegar as opposed to a reduction.

For the main course I had the Chicken Liver Pasta (R63.00) with portabellini mushrooms & rosemary, pan-fried with red wine and a napolitana sauce then topped with goats cheese. Even with my man-sized appetite, I wasn’t able to finish my meal as it was packed generously with mushrooms and perfectly cooked livers.

Also on the cards was a Basil Chilli Chicken Pizza (R72.00) which had a Napoletana base, crumbed feta & pepperdews (I thought the pepperdews were unnecessary, as their synthetic “tang” detracted from the chicken). The rich Lamb Totelloni (R70.00) pasta parcels, filled with roasted lamb and served in a napolitana sauce then topped with parmesan was yummmmmy; and Andiamo’s famous Prawn & Basil Pasta (R79.50) featuring pan-fried prawns, almonds, baby leeks & courgettes with a touch of white wine, cream and finished off with sweet basil was just fan-freaking-tastic.

Finally, one friend had the traditional Malva Pudding (R24.00) with fresh cream and another had Creme Brule (R24.00) while I stared at them, trying to figure out how they were still going.

Every night the restaurant is filled with peeps enjoying the sensational quality of food, at a price so low there is no excuse not to give it a try, so booking is essential.

As I trekked back to the wrong parking lot to find my car, I began my usual process of recreating my meal in a way that I would make at home, when all of a sudden, I had a marvelous plan: why not share my recipes? But that will be another story.

Note to self: Andiamo have a loyalty card, I MUST remember to get one. Also, from Monday to Friday (7:30am-11:30am) you can have any breakfast off their menu for a measly R20, I must go soon.

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