A Journey around the World with Quoin Rock

Around the world in 6 gourmet courses!

Dazzling food design personifies Gåte’s mouth-watering gastronomy,
and this is perfectly illustrated in the restaurant’s newly launched Daytime
Experience – a six course set menu dubbed A Journey Around the World, which
craftily underpins the delights of global cuisine.

Quoin Rock’s intercontinental flair has been fashioned by the Ukrainian Gaiduk
family, who purchased the estate in 2012. And Gåte’s adventurous new menu now
amplifies the Gaiduk’s all-embracing ethic with artistry that’s guaranteed to tantalise.

The Daytime Experience was devised by Head Chef Nicole Loubser, aided by a
young and experienced team of chefs.

Molecular gastronomy is introduced into the menu, but it’s not the main focus.

We have selected 14 different countries and we’ve chosen what their specific flavours
are and have incorporated South Africa with that. It’s very flexible, so we can mix
and match countries. – comments Chef Nicole.

Chefs have been allowed free expression to inject a modern twist into classical
cuisine. Attention has been paid to height, texture, colour and contrast, resulting in
superb gourmet dishes paired with exquisite Quoin Rock wine.

6 course Lunch set menu at Quoin Rock

R800 pp | R1200 pp with wines


Your six course lunch will start in the most incredible of ways. The Cafe Macchiato is actually a thyme & tomato soup while the Gate cigar (bread) can be dipped into an “ashtray” of activated charcoal and smoked paprika powder. It’s a complete mind-bender and an incredible fun dish to enjoy!

South Africa

Close your eyes, think of sitting by the ocean with the waves crashing in and the sun about to set in the distance. Now associate a taste and that’s what you’ll be getting when enjoying the Gåte’s signature Saldana Bay Oysters. What a treat!


Gåte’s signature caprese salad was hiding underneath an amazing iglu that you could crack open with your spoon. With so many in interesting little elements to be found, the buffalo mozzarella was the stand-out ingredient in this one.


Pulled lamb, smoked cheese, Sauerkraut and cranberry gel. What’s not to love about this dish inspired by the cuisine of Austria. If you love croquettes, then this is one dish you should definitely be on the look out for.


Beautifully plated, this was one of my favourite dishes. The Oryx meat with smoked potato purée and veggies was as delicious as it looked in the picture.


To end our meal on a high note, we enjoyed a Pina Colada dessert plated inside a coconut shell with smoke effects and a few other surprises. You’ll finish your lunch with the biggest smile on your face!

Each dish is an experience on its own, where you get to discover interesting flavours in a new and exciting ways starting with the plating & presentation as well as the incredible flavour combinations of all ingredients on your plate. It’s not the most affordable meal in Cape Town, but if you are looking for a true culinary fine dining & molecular experience, Gåte at Quoin Rock would be one of my first recommendations on the list.

P.S.: A 14 course menu is also available for dinner at R1600 and with wine pairing for R2250 per person. 

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