Our 8 favourite Monkey Shoulder Whisky Cocktails

Monkey Shoulder Whisky is the perfect addition to your cocktail.

Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky is a 100% blended malt whisky made for mixing.

It is the first triple malt whiskey in the world and was voted the Top Trending and Top Selling Scotch in the 2019 Brands Report. They break conventional whisky tradition in their malt, wishing to put the fun back into whiskey drinking. The flavour blends well with mixers and cocktails and can also be enjoyed neat – purists, that’s for you.

They add fruity aromas and vanilla flavourings making it amazingly enjoyable on its own but also providing opportunity for even further mixing in whisky cocktails.

It’s playful, it’s unconventional showcased by these incredible whisky cocktails!

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Top 8 Monkey Shoulder Cocktails

Ginger Monkey!

Lazy old Fashioned

The Blackbird!

Blazing Monkey

Godfather Sour

The Rob Roy!

Morning Glory Fizz

Monkey Splash

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